Young Swedish rape victim slapped with hate crime over illegal courtroom gesture

In recent years, there has been a number of headline-grabbing sexual assault cases involving torture in Sweden. A young Swedish rape victim has been slapped with a hate crime after he responded to his victimizers mocking him in the courtroom with an illegal raised army salute.

Kenny Friberg, aged 21, has been convicted for incitement against an ethnic group after he responded to his foreign victimizers mocking him in the courtroom by standing up and giving the ‘Sieg Heil’ salute, a gesture that has been banned throughout much of Europe, Swedish news outlet Fria Tider reports.

The incident took place earlier this month in a Malmö courtroom, during the trial of those who are accused of filming and posting to social media the rape, torture, and humiliation of Friberg, which lasted for six hours. When the rapists erupted into laughter as video footage of the abuse was being played for the court, Friberg stood up and made the raised arm salute. In response, the defendants became indignant and had to be detained. The trial was subsequently adjourned. Later that day, Friberg was charged with incitement against an ethnic group, which he was later found guilty of.

When asked by Kvállposten why he resorted to the use of this particular gesture, Kenny replied: ‘I did it because it was the quickest thing I could come up with to offend them, in the heat of the moment.’

The crimes for which the trial was being held took place several years ago when the group of foreign perpetrators kidnapped Friberg, before going on to rape, torture, and humiliate him for six hours. During the six hours of humiliation and torture, the perpetrators anally raped Friberg with a bottle while also shoving a handgun into his mouth, among other things.

Somehow, amid the hours-long torture and humiliation, Friberg — convinced that he was going to die that night — managed to send his mother a text message, telling her that he loved her. The six hours of hell finally ended when Friberg managed to escape from his three captors by jumping in the Malmö canal. Instances of foreigners subjecting young Swedes to torture, rape, and humiliation have become more and more common in recent years.

Last fall, a pair of underage Swedish boys were savagely raped and tortured in a cemetery in the city of Solna by an 18-year-old Tunisian Swede and a 21-year-old Kurd with Swedish citizenship. According to a report from Swedish newspaper Expressen, which cites the two victim’s testimony, the perpetrators forced them to strip naked at knifepoint, before beating and stabbing them, torturing them with cigarette lighters, and ramming a stick into their rectums. The boys were discovered naked, bloody, and bruised by passers-by in the early hours of the following morning. 

Not long after the crime took place, police managed to track down the alleged perpetrators who were subsequently arrested and charged with aggravated robbery, kidnapping, aggravated assault, aggravated rape, and assault. Sweden has notably seen a substantial increase in sexual assaults and gang rapes, with the increase tied directly to the country’s growing migrant population.

Young Swedish rape victim slapped with hate crime over illegal courtroom gesture 3

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