Peñíscola, vertigo on wheels

From December 13 to 15, Peñíscola will host one of the most anticipated descents in the country: the Mandarina Urban Down, a downhill race through the historical quarter of Peñíscola from the castle. Come and see the dizzying descents and spectacular BMX Dirt Bike jumps! The papal city and its stone-paved floors host over 200 participants for the challenge held between December 13 and 15. This timed lap starts at the heart of the castle of the Papa Luna, going down the intricate streets through the citadel by the sea, ending at the isthmus of the Peninsula, next to the fishing harbour.

Participants, aged 7 to 50, come from all over the country, and especially from the Valencia Region, Catalonia, the Balearic Islands, Murcia or Castilla la Mancha, attracted by the design of a unique circuit that follows the outline of the historical quarter, where almost nothing is artificial, as it is almost an impassable obstacle for bikes in and of itself.

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