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US pushing world to WWIII – US congresswoman

Financing Ukraine does not serve America’s national security interests, Marjorie Taylor Greene says

The US is instigating a global conflict that could result in World War III by sponsoring Ukraine and waging a proxy war against Russia, Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene has warned.  

In an interview with journalist Tucker Carlson on Thursday, Greene, who represents Georgia, said “funding a foreign war” is not in the interests of US national security. Washington has provided Ukraine with $113 billion in various forms of assistance since the start of hostilities in 2022.   

“Fighting a proxy war with Russia in Ukraine, which is a non-NATO member nation, is not protecting America’s national security interests, it doesn’t protect the United States of America, as a matter of fact, it pushes us closer and closer to world war three,” the politician stressed.   

She went on to say that while Kiev is clamoring for the US to speed up the approval of the $60 billion aid package that remains stalled in Congress, American citizens are “losing” their country to the “illegal invasion that’s happening on our Southern border every single day.”   

Greene was referring to the illegal immigration crisis at the Mexican border. US President Joe Biden’s handling of the border security issues has drawn increased criticism in recent months. Upon taking office in January 2021, Biden halted the border security initiatives of his predecessor, Donald Trump. Since then, the US has seen a record influx of illegal migrants and suspected terrorists, as well as increases in drug trafficking.  

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Ukraine aid will bankrupt future US generations – congressman

“We are angry and people have had it. We don’t want $60 billion to go to Ukraine because as we slept last night we just went $40 billion more into debt and that’s because the interest on our debt is so huge and our debt is so massive,” Greene claimed.   

The US national debt topped $34 trillion in December and the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) projected in February that more than $12 trillion would be spent on interest costs alone over the next ten years.   

On Wednesday, Greene warned House Speaker Mike Johnson that moving ahead with the aid package for Kiev would be one of “the most egregious things he could do.”  

Meanwhile, Russia has repeatedly condemned Western arms shipments to Ukraine, saying that arming Kiev only prolongs the conflict while making the West a direct participant in the hostilities.


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