US intervention in Israel would be “big mistake” – satirist

Sending a carrier group to Israel is a bluff by the Pentagon, which is spread too thin for another war, Randy Credico has argued

Direct US intervention in the war between Israel and Hamas would be a “big mistake,” political satirist Randy Credico told RT on Wednesday, suggesting the Pentagon’s decision to dispatch a carrier group to the region was merely a “huge bluff and flexing muscle.”

The US is “so stretched out, I can’t imagine that they would get involved in this conflict, because it would definitely trigger a massive response from other countries in that region,” Credico argued. “If they go there and this conflict widens and they draw in Iran, Iran could sink any US ship that gets near them, or near Israel, or near Syria.”

Whatever’s happening right now I think is a trap for both Israel and the US and they should right away try to deescalate and negotiate and do something to get out of this mess.” 

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Origin of US weaponry used by Hamas must be investigated – congresswoman

The comedian suggested there was a “50 to 100%” chance US weapons sent to Ukraine had ended up in the hands of Hamas, pointing out that, given Kiev’s legendary corruption and the lack of accountability in Washington, “it’s not surprising at all.” 

Not only should they have an inspector general, they should have serial numbers” to track US weapons sent overseas, Credico suggested, echoing Republican congresswoman Marjorie Taylor Greene’s recent call for the use of identification numbers to track US military aid to Ukraine.

Military contractors would be unlikely to submit to such restrictions, he said, as it would “implicate these weapons companies who are profiting and looking the other way wherever [the weapons] show up.”

They don’t want to know! They want to look the other way. Even if only 20% [of the weapons] show up over there, 100% of the money earmarked for these weapons goes to the manufacturers,” he pointed out.

Journalist John Varoli explained the aversion to accountability runs all the way to the top, telling RT, “The US doesn’t really even care [that Ukraine is selling its weapons to third parties], because the US just wants to flood Ukraine with weapons and achieve its strategic goals in the region. It really doesn’t care about accountability and finding out where these weapons are going.

The US military is one of the least transparent institutions in the world,” he continued, describing the Pentagon as “a state within a state with little accountability to the American people.”


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