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US challenges key ally on Ukraine lethal aid claim

The White House has cast doubt on the British Defense Secretary’s allegation that China is assisting Russia with combat equipment

The United States has challenged an allegation made by its ally, the UK, that China has been providing Russia with lethal weapons for use against Ukraine.

British Defense Secretary Grant Shapps said on Wednesday that London had “evidence” that the two countries were “collaborating” on combat equipment. He gave no further details or evidence.

The US national security adviser, Jake Sullivan, has cast doubt on Shapps’ claim. Speaking at the daily White House press briefing, Sullivan noted that Washington had not observed China directly providing weapons to Russia.

”We have not seen that to date. I look forward to speaking with the UK to make sure that we have a common operating picture,” Sullivan said.

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UK accuses China of providing ‘lethal aid’ to Russia

Washington has alleged that China is supplying Russia with technology for its military, but without providing direct “lethal” aid.

US Secretary of State Antony Blinken previously said that there were no signs of Beijing sending actual weapons to Russia for us against Kiev.

The US has sanctioned dozens of Chinese companies, accusing them of supplying Russia with ‘dual use’ goods and components, a term referring to items such as navigation devices and machine tools with both civilian and military applications.

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China has repeatedly dismissed the claims as “groundless.” Beijing has maintained a neutral stance on Ukraine, having repeatedly called for a diplomatic solution. Trade between Russia and China reached record levels after Western countries imposed economic sanctions against Moscow over the conflict.


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