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UK High Court rules on Assange’s fate: Live Updates

The WikiLeaks founder is facing extradition to the US where he is to be tried for espionage

The UK’s High Court is set to start a long-anticipated hearing in the case of imprisoned WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange who faces extradition to the US to stand trial on espionage charges for his coverage of America’s wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.

The long-running legal battle has seen Assange’s lawyers attempt to appeal the extradition request, arguing that the 52-year-old would not be given a fair trial in the US and could potentially be sentenced to death.

During Monday’s hearing, London’s High Court is expected to rule on whether it accepts diplomatic assurance by the US that Assange would not be held in a maximum security prison or be put into solitary confinement for extensive periods of time, would not face the death penalty under any current or new charges, and would be guaranteed a First Amendment right to free speech.

If the British court finds these assurances sufficient, it is expected that Assange’s extradition will be greenlit. However, if not, then the journalist’s lawyers will have a chance to proceed with their appeal against the extradition request.


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