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Trump will lose – Macron

The former US president won’t get a chance to deliver on his promise to resolve the Ukrainian conflict, the French leader believes

French President Emmanuel Macron has expressed doubt that his former American counterpart will be able to secure another term at the White House, when asked who could potentially mediate peace talks between Russia and Ukraine.

Macron called Moscow “an adversary,” but stopped short of declaring it an “enemy,” during an interview with France 2 and TF1 TV channels on Thursday. He once again refused to rule out the possibility of NATO deployments in Ukraine, reiterating that Paris is ready to make any “decisions necessary to prevent Russia’s victory” – and noting that he sees no opportunities for a peaceful resolution at this point.

“I am absolutely ready for discussions at any time, but we need someone sincere and peace-oriented to do that,” Macron said, adding that he hoped that the time would come one day to negotiate with a Russian president “whoever it might be.”

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‘A vote for Trump is a vote for Putin’ – Hillary Clinton

The interviewers wondered if former US president Donald Trump could become the person to mediate such talks, noting Macron’s reluctance to engage in direct communications with Russian President Vladimir Putin. 

“As far as I’m informed, I don’t think Donald Trump will become President of the United States,” the French leader claimed

At the same time Macron said there was “nothing personal” behind his decision to refrain from dialogue with Putin. “Undoubtedly, I am the head of the state that used to talk to him more than anyone else.”

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Russia’s world-leading nukes, Western ‘vampire ball,’ complaints from Trump: Key takeaways from Putin’s pre-election interview

Back in January, Macron said he would deal with whoever wins the US election, claiming “I’ve always had the same philosophy, I take the leaders that people give me.”

US President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump are set for a rematch in November, with recent polls showing Trump leading his incumbent rival by between two and nine points. If voted back, Trump promised to end the Ukrainian conflict “in 24 hours” by applying pressure on stakeholders. Meanwhile Russia is voting in the 2024 election this weekend, in which President Putin faces three opponents.


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