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Trump reveals stance on abortion

The Republican presidential candidate has avoided making a federal policy pledge on the contentious issue

Individual US states should decide how abortions are regulated, rather than the federal government, former President Donald Trump has declared in a video statement.

Reproductive rights and restrictions on the termination of pregnancies were propelled to the forefront of US politics following the Supreme Court’s decision in 2022 to overturn the landmark 1973 Roe vs. Wade ruling.

In what has been described as his most detailed statement on the issue so far, Trump released a roughly four-minute video on his Truth Social platform on Monday, reiterating that the Supreme Court decision was made possible by conservative judges he had nominated during his presidency.

He insisted, however, that he wants each state to make its own decision on abortion, contrary to claims by critics that a new Trump presidency would result in a highly restrictive nationwide federal ban.

“My view is now that we have abortion where everyone wanted it from a legal standpoint. The states will determine by vote or legislation, or perhaps both,” Trump said, adding that whatever they decide “must be… the law of the state.”

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“Many states will be different. Many will have a different number of weeks, or some will have more conservative than others, and that’s what they will be,” the former leader continued. “You must follow your heart, or in many cases your religion or your faith.”

The presumptive Republican nominee for this year’s presidential election expressed his party’s backing for a ‘pro-life’ stance, including the availability of in vitro fertilization treatment. Trump added that he is “strongly in favor” of exceptions that allow abortion in cases of rape or incest, or when the mother’s life is at risk.

Critics have accused Trump of being evasive on the issue. Responding to the video, Ammar Moussa, the spokesperson for President Joe Biden’s reelection campaign, claimed that Trump “is endorsing every single abortion ban in the states, including abortion bans with no exceptions. And he’s bragging about his role in creating this hellscape.”

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Mike Pence, who served as vice president under Trump, has publicly backed some of the most radical policies limiting abortions. Before ending his bid for the GOP nomination, Pence said last year that he would impose a federal ban for all pregnancies after six weeks.


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