Travellers should check hand luggage rules to avoid additional fees, says

With different airlines having varying hand luggage rules, plus enhanced security dictating what can and can’t be included in hand luggage,, the world’s first website to compare up to 16 metasearch engines to find cheap flights highlights what travellers should consider if they want to avoid unnecessary additional fees.

The introduction of separate fees for baggage handling has forced many people to either opt for hand luggage only, to save on costs, or book less hold baggage and take full advantage of hand luggage allowances.

Shahab Siddiqui, founder of, explains: “My first piece of advice to any traveller utilising hand luggage is to find out exactly what the allowance is, as although most airlines allow 10 kg per piece, this can be subject to change. Secondly, many of the airlines stipulate different sizes for hand luggage bags. The restrictions on height, depth and width are usually given on the company website, usually in a Frequently Asked Questions section, so do be sure to check these out prior to flying. Many airlines will charge to check your bag into the hold if it doesn’t meet those dimensions – and this will cost much more on the day than if booked in advance.”

But many are still unsure as to what is and isn’t allowed in cabin baggage. Shahab continues: “In addition, the rules around what can be included are still unclear to many. Generally, sharp objects such as nail clippers, scissors and metal nail files aren’t allowed, nor are cigarette lighters. Many people believe they can’t have any liquids, but small pots, tubes and bottles of cream or fragrance miniatures are allowed, as the liquid limit is 100 ml per item. These must be displayed in a small clear plastic bag.

“Generally, if looking to travel light, buy travel-size bottles of products or buy small empty bottles that you can fill with the product of your choice. These are particularly useful for short breaks. Another good tip is to save sample sachets, which sometimes come free with magazines or promotional mailers.” launched to offer a comparison of metasearch engines, also known as comparison sites, as no single one gives all of the deals for all of the airlines and travel agents. Whilst they have become popular with consumers looking to search the best deals, by using one flight comparison site only there is the potential to miss out on cheaper options. By comparing many metasearch engines, many more sources can be searched in an accurate manner – this is known as meta-metasearch.

Travellers can save time and effort using, as it guarantees to find the most affordable flight available by searching a number of comparison sites, whether it’s round the world flights or a direct one way.

Shahab added: “One final piece of advice: ditch the four pairs of shoes – you will only wear one!”

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