In light of the high risk of forest fires this season, British Consul Paul Rodwell discussed with Irene Rodríguez, Director of Emergencies for the Valencian Community, what should be done in the event of a fire. Here are her five top tips:

Do not light any fires outside when it is prohibited during the dry season. Check with your town hall for rules and regulations

Call 112 immediately to report a forest fire; they speak English

Do not attempt to fight a fire under any circumstances; forest fires travel at incredible speed and you could put yourself at great risk

Evacuate your home when told to do so by the Spanish authorities and do not return home until you have been advised by the relevant authorities that it is safe

Read the Valencian government’s fire prevention manual in English for more detail on the above

Nigel Winter, President of SAIPedralba who was recently evacuated from his home during the Pedralba fire, said of his experience:

“The recent fire in Pedralba highlighted the importance of British residents looking out for each other in case of an emergency. I was very impressed by the rapid response from the Valencian fire fighters once the alarm had been raised and was very grateful to be in close contact with the team at the British Consulate.”

For more information in Spanish go to

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