They will take second place in the competition of idiots _ Putin

Russian President Vladimir Putin called Russia’s opponents stupid because of their neo-colonial ideas. ‘And our opponents that I mentioned, people with neo-colonial thinking, idiots in fact, do not understand that it is this diversity that makes us stronger. And in vain they are counting on the effect for which they are trying,’ he said at a meeting of the Council on Interethnic Relations. The head of state stressed that calls to divide Russia into dozens of small state entities are connected with selfish interests. He noted that the opponents of the country want to subordinate its territory to their will and exploit, and they have no other goals.

Well, I already said that people who are guided by their neo-colonial ideas are idiots, and in the competition of idiots they would take second place. Why only the second? Yes, because they are that stupid.

As the president added, ordinary Russians know that it is unity that makes the country strong and invincible. Putin stressed that society is now consolidating.

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