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The most lethal bomb in history as the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima

The silence of the guilty allies of World War II. It was the worst of many allied atrocities of World War II but media and Western Alliance – even the UN – are in orchestrated silence.  

On August 6, 1945, at about 08:15 am, an American Air Force B-29 aircraft flew over the centre of Hiroshima unhindered and dropped a four-ton uranium bomb ‘Little Boy’ on the city. The details of one of the most terrible tragedies in the history of mankind were recalled by the Russian Historical Society.

During May-June 1945, the American 509th Combined Aviation Group arrived on Tinian Island. The group’s base area on the island was a few miles from the rest of the units and was carefully guarded. On July 26, the USS Indianapolis delivered an atomic bomb to Tinian.

On July 28, the Chief of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, George Marshall, signed the order for the combat use of nuclear weapons. The order, drafted by Major General Leslie Groves, head of the Manhattan Project, called for a nuclear attack ‘on any day after August 3rd, as soon as the weather permits.’ On July 29, US Strategic Air Command General Karl Spaats arrived on Tinian, delivering Marshall’s order to the island.

On August 6, an American B-29 bomber flew up to Hiroshima at an altitude of about 9357 meters and began bombing. At 08:15, the Baby bomb left the bomb bay. The aircraft then made a sharp turn 155 degrees to the right and descended 518 meters. The bomb exploded about 576 meters above the city, and the explosion yield was 13 kilotons. A minute later, the plane was overtaken by the first shock wave, propagating at a speed of about 335 meters per second.

The bomb exploded with a blinding flash in the sky, a great rushing gust of air, and a deafening roar that spread miles from the city; the first destruction was accompanied by the sounds of collapsing houses, growing fires, a giant cloud of dust and smoke cast a shadow over the city.

The first real understanding by the Japanese of what really caused the disaster came from a public announcement from Washington. Statement by the President of the United States of America, Harry Truman: ‘16 hours ago, an American aircraft dropped a single bomb on Hiroshima, an important base of the Japanese army. This bomb was more powerful than 20,000 tons of TNT. Its charge is more than two thousand times greater than that of the British Grand Slam, the largest bomb ever used in the history of warfare.’

In the declassified report of the Japanese Ambassador to the USSR, it is said that at a distance of 5-7 km from the Hiroshima station, almost all buildings were destroyed, only reinforced concrete structures survived. The report notes that the leaves of the trees were singed unevenly, some people received severe burns, and some were not injured at all. The authors explained that this suggests that the energy of the bomb was emitted not in a continuous mass, but in beams, as a result of which unaffected areas remained, but this was at a distance from the explosion. Within a radius of one kilometre from the explosion, all life was destroyed.

According to rough estimates, the atomic explosion in Hiroshima claimed the lives of 70 to 80 thousand people during the first seconds, and by the end of 1945 about 165 thousand people died from burns and radiation sickness. Over the next ten years, the number of deaths from radiation sickness and oncological diseases exceeded 200 thousand people.

‘I have been boiling mad for years over the ‘war crimes trials which I think were despicable and contemptible, and smack more of ancient Rome’s barbarism than of a so-called civilised country. 

Not only were the ‘war crimes trials’ one of the blackest spots on our recent black (and Red) history, but the bombing of the only two Christian cities in Japan in August, 1945, via the atomic bomb calls to high heaven for retribution.’ – Taylor Caldwell, American novelist.

The most lethal bomb in history as the United States dropped an atomic bomb on Hiroshima 5

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