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The fight against fire continues unabated

The forest fire which started on Thursday in Cortes de Pallas by two workers installing solar panels is now affecting 7 municipalities and covering more than 7,000 hectares in an ecological disaster, which from the air is gruesome and heartbreaking . Some 900 people have been evacuated so far.Towns affected are Cortes de Pallas, Dos Aguas, Turis, Macastre, Montroi Alborache Yátova many of these towns are home to many British expats.

The fire has reached several chalets despite the efforts of volunteers and fire fighters. One home owner was arrested for refusing to leave his house .


The mayor of Turís said yesterday afternoon that about 200 people were evacuated from the estates of Turís and 20 residents from Dos Aguas spent the night in a day centre in La Ribera, In Montroi there were around 200 residents evacuated.

Another fire in Andilla

Another forest fire started yesterday afternoon at the end of Andilla-in the region of Los Serranos, forced the evacuation of about 200 residents of the town and four villages in the area. 


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