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Sydney convulsed by riots after priest stabbing

An unidentified man attacked an Assyrian Orthodox bishop during a service on Monday

Clashes have broken out between members of the Assyrian Orthodox community and police in Sydney, Australia after a knife-wielding man attacked and stabbed a prominent cleric on Monday.

According to the Sydney Morning Herald, hundreds of people gathered outside the church, presumably believing that the perpetrator was still inside. A police riot squad and a helicopter were quickly deployed to the area in an effort to contain the crowd.

As tensions rose, the mob began throwing projectiles at the officers, with authorities reporting that two officers were “injured and a number of police vehicles sustained damage.”

One of the officers is said to have been “hit with a metal object and sustained a twisted knee and a chipped tooth,” while his colleague ended up with a fractured jaw after being struck with a brick.

Both have been taken to a hospital.



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