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SPIEF 2024: Russia-China relations at their ‘highest level,’ envoy says

The two countries have been expanding cooperation despite global challenges, China’s ambassador to Moscow has said

Cooperation between Russia and China is stable and predictable despite the complicated global environment and associated challenges, Zhang Hanhui, China’s ambassador to Moscow, has said.

Speaking on Thursday at a panel discussion on the sidelines of the St. Petersburg International Economic Forum (SPIEF), the envoy emphasized that China-Russia relations have reached the “highest point of their development” amid “turbulent times.”

“Our relationship is very close, based on mutual respect and frankness, it is a model of international relations for the whole world,” Zhang stated, adding that the two nations will continue to expand cooperation.

This year marks the 75th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Moscow and Beijing.

Zhang said China is Russia’s “main trade and economic partner,” supplying consumer electronics, mechanical engineering, cars, and so on. Russian products, including chocolate, ice cream and other food products, are also being supplied on the Chinese market.

Mutual trade turnover has been soaring, exceeding a $240 billion target ahead of schedule, he said.

Zhang recalled that a special economic platform has been established to boost trade and encourage Chinese enterprises and companies to invest in Russia and vice versa.

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Held in the northeastern Chinese city of Harbin from May 17-21, the 8th Expo was attended by Russian President Vladimir Putin. The annual event serves as a major platform for economic partnership, promoting business opportunities, investment, and technology exchange.

Zhang added that despite “certain difficulties,” both sides intend to continue strengthening ties.

“We should find all the potential opportunities, and in every possible way facilitate their development,” the Chinese envoy concluded.


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