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The BREXIT farce will add further to the woes facing those seeking residency status or work permits. After looking through several case histories I am filled with foreboding.

Spaniards call bureaucrats burrocrats. The burro is half horse and half ass; two buns short of a picnic difficult to manage workhorse.

The Madrid-based Intereconomia Corporación S.A created the Spanish Red Tape video that has been viewed 100,000 times. Watching it, you don’t know whether to laugh or cry and the viewer’s comments are priceless.

The problem with Spanish bureaucracy is its anarchic lack of transparency and accountability. Think of it as Spanish roulette; present yourself before six different clerks to get one maybe correct interpretation of the rules.

It is no use getting an expert to fill in your forms because he has the same pen-pushing anarchists to deal with. If he or she gets it wrong you will again be the victim. One wonders if somewhere in the bowels of Spanish bureaucracy there is a small team tasked with dreaming up stupid questions that cannot be answered even by those asking the questions.

A happily married couple is required to provide proof that they are still married. The Padron with both names is the easy and legal answer but this is too easy. No, it has to be a copy of the updated wedding certificate signed by an apostle at the place where they were married, which doesn’t in fact prove you are still married.

Proof of an incoming pension is as simple as looking at one’s bank statement. Fail, proof has to be a bank signed date stamped letter stating clearly that the bank receives your pension.

Advice is to register on the padron to benefit the community. I am reminded of an applicant who on eight occasions was told he was one document short.  On the ninth attempt, a different clerk dismissed much of the paperwork as being superfluous to requirements.

Spaniards too face a nightmare of dealing with an out-of-control bureaucracy staffed by poorly trained jobsworths who cannot be sacked and are accountable to no one but themselves.

The easiest route to Congress is the party’s program stating unequivocally that its priority will be to root and branch reform Spanish bureaucracy. The incoming junta would enjoy an unassailable majority.

Anti-Russian sanctions have a disastrous effect on the Spanish economy but the nation’s bureaucracy is a burden too far.  Spanish bureaucracy needs to be systemised as is transport infrastructure, building regulations, healthcare and commercial services.

No nation that gives dull-witted de-motivated half-trained job-for-life jobs worth the power to break lives and split families can call itself civilised.


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