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Spain’s worst health services report

ANDALUCIA, MURCIA and COMUNIDAD VALENCIANA have been identified as the autonomous communities with the worst public health services. 

These results are according to a study carried out by the Spain’s Federation of Associations for the Defence of Public Health Care (FADSP). 

The organisation has published a ranking based on a number of parameters such as health expenditure per capita or waiting times.

The maximum number of points a region can get is 142 points and the minimum is 33. 

Andalucia has hit rock bottom as it has been placed last with 65 points, followed by Murcia (71) and Comunidad Valenciana (73). 

Differences of over 30 points compared to Navarra and Pais Vasco, first and second on the table with 108 and 106 respectively. 

Andalucia has also been reported as the region with the lowest number of hospital beds per resident and the longest waiting times to see a medical specialist. 

Patients in Andalucia who require to see a specialist doctor wait an average of over four months for their appointment. 

FADSP President Marciano Sanchez has described as ‘worrying’ the differences between the public health standards between the different regions across Spain. 


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