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Russian wide-body jet makes first test flight (VIDEO)

The Il-96-400M is a modernized adaptation of an iconic Soviet aircraft

The Russian-made wide-body long-range aircraft Il-96-400M has successfully performed its maiden flight, the press service of the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) reported on Wednesday.

The aircraft, a modern version of the Il-96-300, made by the country’s well-established Ilyushin aircraft manufacturer, features a fuselage extended by 9.35 meters, more powerful PS-90A1 engines, and can accommodate up to 370 passengers.

“The first and successful flight of the modernized Il-96-400M is a demonstration of the highest level of competencies of domestic design bureaus and aircraft factories. The plane not only retained the high performance of the Il-96-300 but also received new operational and transport capabilities,” Deputy Prime Minister Denis Manturov commented, according to the press service of the Cabinet of Ministers.

The flight reportedly took place at altitudes of up to 2,000 meters and lasted 26 minutes. The plane’s speed reached up to 390 km per hour.

“Due to new modern flight navigation and radio communication equipment using Russian components, flight safety and reliability are increased, and solutions are used in the aerodynamic layout, structures, and systems of the aircraft to ensure operational efficiency,” Manturov reportedly stated.

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In 2017, the UAC announced the development of the Il-96-400M quadjet, a higher-capacity variant of the widebody developed in the Soviet Union. The state-owned company rolled out the jet this June, stating that “the elongated fuselage makes the aircraft more spacious and attractive for operators.”

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