Russian homebuyers

With Russian homebuyers predicted to overtake Britain’s bargain hunters, situation vacant opportunities are opening up for Russian speakers. Russian language advertising is now commonplace throughout the Costa regions. Many companies, eager to tap into the Russian speaking market, are setting out their marketing information in Russian. Antonio Mayor. Benidorm Hotel Association says, “We have a goldmine we have yet to exploit.”

Although Russians learn English at school, it is estimated that only 4.9% are classified as English speakers. Marketing consultant and translator Ukrainian-born Nadezhda Burlikova says, “It should also be remembered that the Russian language is in everyday use in much of Eastern Europe.”

Based in Torrevieja, Nadia, who recently took on a major translating assignment for a beauty-related clinic, says Russian will soon be as commonplace as is English.

Nadezhda has received a number of enquiries from Russian speaking jobseekers. Able to put businesses in touch with Russian writers, Nadia can be contacted at or 662 067 490.{jcomments on}

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