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Russia no longer a ‘gas station’ for the rest of the world – Putin

The country’s economy is becoming self-sufficient in every aspect, according to the Russian president

It is crucial for Russia to become sovereign and independent in every sense of the word, including economically, President Vladimir Putin stated on Friday. 

Speaking to members of the Civic Chamber, a social body tasked with consulting the government on policymaking, the president noted that Russia has become increasingly self-sufficient.

“That’s when we now turn into a country where processing production already accounts for 43% of the economic growth structure, when we cease [to be] as they once told us… ‘a gas station’, and not an economy,” Putin said.

The president emphasized that the Russian economy should be “self-sufficient in key components that would allow the country not only to survive, but also thrive.” 

He added that this would ensure fewer people are willing to exclude Russia from international organizations.

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