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Romania deploys ship, chopper to find stray Black Sea mines

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Romania’s navy said it deployed a ship and a helicopter on Monday (14 August) to scout for stray mines on the country’s Black Sea coast, after a pier in the seaside resort of Costinesti was lighly damaged in an explosion.

Russia invaded Ukraine in February 2022, and mines have since then been laid in the Black Sea by the combatants. Romanian, Bulgarian and Turkish military diving teams have been defusing those that have drifted into their waters.

The sea is crucial for shipments of grain, oil and oil products and is shared by Bulgaria, Romania, Georgia and Turkey, as well as Ukraine and Russia.

Romania’s navy said its divers were still investigating whether the explosion at the pier, which claimed no victims, was caused by a mine.

An explosion occurred on the seawall of the popular resort town of Costine?ti on the Romanian coast, most likely due to a sea mine. Another possible sea mine was spotted floating in the same area, and the Romanian Navy has dispatched a mine sweeper.

— Paliparan (@PaliparanDotCom) August 14, 2023

Reports of a separate mine drifting near the port of Mangalia were unfounded, it said.

Romania, both a European Union and NATO member, shares a 650-km border with Ukraine, is host to a US ballistic missile defence system and, as of last year, has a permanent alliance battlegroup stationed on its territory.

A Russian warship on Sunday fired warning shots at a cargo ship in the southwestern Black Sea no far from the Romanian coast.

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