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When 15-year-old Brian Adamson dreamed of places he wanted to someday visit he couldn’t imagine life as the ultimate entertainer’s entertainer. Of humble beginnings, the New Zealander worked his way around the world to Southampton.

Within two years Kiwi Adamson saved £300 he had earned as a warehouseman. Invested in premises situated in St Michael’s Square this modest sum financed the opening of his Silhouette Club. A little razzmatazz and the nightspot’s doors open to the household name artistes of the 1960s.

The Swinging Sixties offered rich pickings for club-owners. Adamson’s club had much in common with Peter Stringfellow’s Covent Garden Club. Sharing a humble background, the two were set to make millions from Britain’s most exciting nightclubs.

Adamson’s 80% success rate at baccarat resulted in a stream of invitations to attend the gambling tables of Caesar’s Palace and similar gambling corporations. The buccaneering impresario is now resident in Marbella where he owned The Casino, The Silhouette Restaurant and Piano Bar near Puerto Banus.

As the impresario’s ghost-writer I am spellbound by his story. Adamson kept the company of Burt Reynolds, Diana Dors, Bo Derrick, Freddie Star, Shirley Bassey, Joan Collins and similar great artistes.

The promoter’s all expenses paid jamborees saw him travel first class by Cunard and Concorde. In 1985, when the promoter sold the Silhouette Club, he was handed a Leisure Holdings cheque made out for £3 million plus £1 million in company shares.

EWN Brian Adamson edited

Before ‘retiring’ to join us here in Spain the playboy had pressed the flesh of the world’s greatest sportsmen, Mike Tyson, Chris Eubank and Mohammed Ali, Jackie Stewart and Kevin Keegan. He enjoyed tête-à-tête with Tom Selleck, Diana Ross, Barbara Windsor, Telly Savalas and Zsa Zsa Gabor.

Adamson is great to work with. Many celebrities miss out by not telling their stories. Artistes lead exciting lives and by anecdotes and name dropping are sitting on a fortune.

Performers have advantages over lesser-known writers. During their career celebrities acquire countless fans. This market will purchase tell-all memoirs before the printer’s ink dries. A further advantage is that performers still working the circuit sell signed copies, thereby adding to returns.


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