China and Russia must keep a close eye on Japan

The resurgent militarism and US power projection through Tokyo are a danger to regional stability that could hinder the Eurasian powers On Tuesday, China and Russia conducted a joint air patrol … Read More

Snowden weighs in on Trump’s classified docs indictment

The NSA whistleblower has called the charges against the former US president “selective prosecution” Donald Trump’s alleged mishandling of state secrets is common behavior in Washington and typically goes unpunished, … Read More

Latin American leader visits China after severing Taiwan ties

President Xiomara Castro seeks to open up new “horizons” for Honduras Honduran President Xiomara Castro has followed through on her government’s decision to establish diplomatic relations with Beijing and cut … Read More

Children survive 40 days in jungle after plane crash

Colombian authorities carried out an intensive weeks-long search for the lost siblings Four children who went missing after a plane crash over the Amazon jungle last month have been found … Read More

Migrants hijack Turkish cargo ship (VIDEO)

Helicopters and attack boats were sent to take on “pirates” who tried to commandeer a vessel sailing near the Italian coast Italy’s special forces were deployed to storm a private … Read More

China responds to Cuba spy base claim

Beijing says Washington has a habit of making false allegations and “chasing shadows” China has said it has no plans to build an “electronic eavesdropping facility” in Cuba, throwing cold … Read More

Spain’s Sanchez to further pressure PP to accept presidential debate idea

​ Spain’s Prime Minister, Pedro S?nchez, will keep up the pressure on the leader of centre-right Partido Popular (PP/EPP), Alberto N??ez Feij?o, to accept more than one debate with him … Read More

Spain’s ruling PSOE unveils top candidate as time for alliances runs short

​ The socialist PSOE party unveiled the names of two of the progressive formation’s top candidates to accompany party leader and Prime Minister Pedro S?nchz ahead of the general election … Read More

Spain requests Parliament to postpone EU Council presidency speech

​ The Spanish government has requested the postponement of Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s speech to present the country’s EU Council presidency at the European Parliament, originally scheduled for 13 July, … Read More

Spain’s possible ‘Melonisation’ strengthens ‘patriots’ EU plans

​ Right-wing leaders across the EU welcomed the consolidation of the far-right party Vox (ECR) in Spain’s recent elections, while the conservative governing coalition in Italy stressed the need to … Read More

PP rejects debates with S?nchez as little time left to form left-wing pact

​ Spain’s Popular Party (PP/EPP) refused to hold a series of debates proposed by acting Prime Minister and Socialist leader Pedro S?nchez as little time remains to form a left-wing … Read More

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