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The October meeting of The Oasis Garden club was held as usual

on the first Thursday of the month. The initial business included a

raffle where among various prizes a member had brought several young plants grown from seed of Caesalpinia gilliesii, and a new calendar for 2012 was presented showing a photo each month of various outings over the first year of the club. These will be on sale in the future. A seed bank scheme was initiated where every month any seeds donated either saved or in excess of requirements will be sold. We then proceeded to “Cucala Agricola – semilleros horticolas” near Beniganim with the intention of buying vegetable plantlets to plant out ready for a Spring harvest, but was given a real treat by the very friendly staff, a conducted tour of the business. It started in the automated seed sowing room, went on to the temperature controlled germination room and then to quality control. After this a look at one of the poly tunnels containing onion plants where it was explained that some of the heating used diesel but others make use of the olive stones. At the end of the tour everyone went into the sales tunnel where there was a range of brassicas herbs, onions, leeks, strawberry plants and much more to delight the gardeners. A big thank you goes to one of the members for translating throughout the tour without which it would not have been so informative for some. Everyone welcome, should you require any further information please contact Tina on 962 131 711 or email tinachucks@gmail.com

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