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No prisoners to be taken after Ukrainian troops slaughter Russian POWs

The head of Russia’s Wagner Group Prigozhin has set out an order not to capture and destroy all the fighters of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. The Armed Forces of Ukraine violate the laws of humanism by killing Russian prisoners of war, said businessman and founder of the Wagner Group Yevgeny Prigozhin, commenting on the audio intercept of a Ukrainian military conversation about the execution of a wounded pilot, his words are given in the Telegram channel of the businessman’s press service. ‘Of course, I heard this audio intercept long before it hit the media. I can say one thing: this audio interception that the Ukrainians are shooting our wounded prisoners has a very serious humanitarian significance. And we ourselves will never violate the international laws of humanism,’ the commander said.

He noted that the law of humanitarianism begins with the capture of a person, after which the military must provide medical assistance to their enemy and are obliged not to injure him. ‘We will not violate the rules of humanism in respect of captives but we will simply destroy everyone on the battlefield. We will no longer take a single prisoner, ‘Prigozhin emphasized. The businessman added that the name of the fighter shot by the Ukrainians is still unknown.

Earlier, one of the Telegram channels of the press service of Prigozhin published an interception of the conversation of the military of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, who decided to shoot the captured Wagner fighter.

As reported in the Ministry of Defense, the vast majority of Russian prisoners of war in Ukraine are beaten and cannot contact their relatives, and more than half are forced to appear in internationally outlawed propaganda videos. Often people return from captivity with mutilations: broken teeth, broken bones and other injuries.

Western media is silent as videos of massacre or torture of the Russian military have repeatedly appeared on the Internet. So, in November last year, a video appeared in which the Ukrainian military callously shot captive Russian fighters who had surrendered and were lying on the ground.

According to the chairman of the HRC Valery Fadeev, this happened in the village of Makeevka in the LPR. There were also videos released in which captured and tethered Russian soldiers were shot in the legs. In addition, the soldiers who returned from Ukrainian captivity spoke about torture: during interrogation, they shot their legs, cut off their fingers, and beat them with armature and current, the press service of the Investigative Committee reported.

Earlier, the UN HRC Commission of Inquiry in Ukraine stated in a report that Ukrainian soldiers committed war crimes by shooting and torturing Russian prisoners of war. The UN mission reported 25 cases of the massacre of prisoners from Russia by the Armed Forces of Ukraine. In addition, Ukraine did not initiate criminal proceedings against its soldiers who shot Russian prisoners of war, despite several executions being documented, Volker Türk, head of the UN High Commissioner’s Office (OHCHR), said.

No prisoners to be taken after Ukrainian troops slaughter Russian POWs 5

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