Please be aware of this very aggressive distraction theft which happened recently at Mercadona in San Luis, Torrevieja.The victim was looking at the shelves when a man with his arms full of shopping pointed to something on the floor indicating for her to pick it up for him. She did and held it out for him.

She had her handbag in her hand. The man stabbed her in the arm and grabbed the handbag. As she tried to stop the blood another man grabbed her purse from behind and they both ran out of the supermarket leaving the groceries on the floor. The victim cancelled her bank cards and received treatment at the Hospital in Torrevieja. She has since returned to the U.K. It has been reported that this type of theft has happened several times in this Mercadona store in the last few weeks. These thieves may move onto other areas and this type of distraction theft can happen in any large store or supermarket. If someone tries to distract you, please be careful and if in doubt just walk away.

Also Be aware

Yesterday in the area of the TORREJOVEN HOTEL TORREVIEJA:Vehicle used is a ‘grey or beige’, (dirty and old), make unknown but with a BULGARIAN registration plate.

Part matricula/ registration: PH 8134 —–With letters ‘BG’ (Bulgaria). Two males and a female approached the victim who was walking along the footpath. They asked for directions and produced a map which they place over the victims hand. Whilst distracting the victim they managed to place a cheap, gold coloured necklace about his neck and a cheap, gold coloured bracelet upon his wrist, at the same time removing the genuine gold necklace and bracelet of the victim! Incident reported to Policia Local and Guardia Civil. If this vehicle is seen, please report to me (Graham Knight) via e-mail or telephone (659 457 283) and I will forward location details to Policia Local.

Graham Knight. Director, Oficina de Atención al Residente Internacional. (Ayto. de Torrevieja)

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