Burglary: I have to report that a house in Call Pic del Montasia has been burgled twice recently. The house is a holiday home and only checked weekly by cleaners. It does not have an alarm.The burglars gained entry by forcing off a reja then breaking the window. They stole some audio equipment and a laptop. They returned after the window had been fixed but not the reja and entered the same way. This time they stole a very large TV. In an area where many houses are used as holiday homes and vacant for long periods we need to look out for our neighbours as well.

Gas men: In a new twist to the bogus gas men stories they now seem to be getting our names and phone numbers from somewhere and are phoning to make appointments to come to check your gas. If you are IN ANY DOUBT AT ALL tell them you do not have your diary to hand and take a name and phone number and offer to call them back. You can then phone your regular gas supplier, with your normal number, and check if it was them or not. Only allow gas men access to your property if you are AT LEAST 100% sure they are from your gas company.

Microsoft Phone Call: One of our members received a call from someone purporting to be from Microsoft. As soon as the member asked for full details of the callers company he hung up. This is an old scam but if you allow them to speak they will generally tell you that there is some devastating problem with your computer that they have picked up and they wish to fix it. They then, with your approval, gain access to your computer and help themselves to whatever data they wish. Again, unless you have contacted someone to help you with a problem, assume it is a scam and do not speak or help these people in any way.

Personal Safety: A member has sent me a link to an American website that you may wish to have a look at. It makes suggestions about keeping safe. Whilst we are thankfully not surrounded by gun wielding muggers in Javea there are some tips worth noting. I know that if I include a website link some of your servers will reject the email so I have broken the link Please remove the two spaces between www. and photoblip the copy the link to your browser in the normal way


Thanks for all your feedback.

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