New TDT Channel – Discovery MAX

New TDT Channel – Discovery MAX

TDT provides a large number of Spanish digital channels via a TV aerial. It is the Spanish equivalent of the UKs “Freeview” service. There are no UK TV channels available on TDT. However, on many of the imported programmes from the UK and USA, the dubbed Spanish audio can be changed into the programmes original English audio.

In January 2012, a new channel was launched on TDT. Discovery Max is a documentary and entertainment channel that is now available for free on TDT. Discovery Max shows many of the popular programmes that are available on the Discovery satellite channel, via the Sky or Digital+ subscription service.

You may need to perform a channel scan on your TDT receiver or Digital TV to be able to watch Discovery Max.

UK Satellite TV Changes

In December a number of UK satellite TV channels changed their frequencies. This included the ITV1 Central South and East regions, and the Channel Five group of channels. If you used to access these channels via your Sky boxes “Other Channels” list, then you may find these stored channels no longer work. You will need to add these channels using their new frequency to your Sky boxes “other channels” list.

ITV1 Central South – frequency 11053 H 22 5/6

Channel Fives – frequency 10963 H 22 5/6

The new frequencies for these channels are on a slightly “weaker beam” than previously, and if you are unable to receive them it may mean your satellite dish is either too small to receive their signal, or your satellite dish needs to be realigned properly.

Also, in December 2011, users of Freesat boxes will have noticed that they can now receive Channel Five, Five* and Five USA. These channels used to be only available with a Sky card, but now they are available on Freesat receivers also – from Freesat channel 128 to 131.

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