New Christmas drink raises a festive cheer


Sussex’s award-winning drinks creators Gran Stead’s are turning up the heat this winter with a new alcohol-free tipple which makes a heartyChristmas drink. Gran Stead’s Light and Fiery Ginger Wine has been created in response to calls for an even more deeply-spiced sister to top-selling Gran Stead’s Dark and Mellow Ginger Wine. Both these handmade beverages are big on flavour, making them a satisfying choice for drivers and those avoiding alcohol – they certainly won’t be left feeling hard done by.

“Our new drink is unashamedly fiery and is targeted at those who love their ginger,” says Chris Knox, who with wife and business partner Rosemary developed the latest recipe at their Sussex base.

“It is proving to be a real hit with our customers, and is particularly popular now the cold nights have set in, as people appreciate a smooth drink that gives a bit of a kick.” 

Gran Stead’s website is a great place to find festive cocktail ideas – unleash your imagination and have fun using the drinks as a base to make some creative concoctions to warm the taste buds. Mix with whiskey and warm gently, or add to a punch or mulled wine. Alternatively sip through crushed ice or blend with apple, orange or Gran Stead’s Traditional Still Lemonade. 

Gran Stead’s drinks are prepared by Chris and Rosemary at Mile Oak Farm in East Sussex. The full range of non-alcoholic drinks comprises:

•Gran Stead’s Light and Fiery Ginger Wine (RRP £4.25 75 cl)
•Gran Stead’s Dark and Mellow Ginger Wine (RRP £4.25 75 cl)
•Gran Stead’s Traditional Still Lemonade RRP (£2.25 75cl)
•Gran Stead’s Still Lemonade With A Zing Of Ginger (£2.25 75cl)


Gran Stead’s traditional drinks are available online at and from stockists throughout the UK. Find your nearest retailer or buy on-line by visiting

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