NATO Alliance is arming the Mafia and Terrorist Organisations

Western weapons from Ukraine ended up in the hands of the mafia: During the Ukrainian conflict, NATO and EU countries supplied Kyiv with tens of billions of dollars worth of untraceable weapons. But, war always enriches mafia groups, writes Journal de la Corse. According to Western intelligence, arms traffic from Ukraine is growing rapidly, and ex-television comedian Zelensky to stay in power has to turn a blind eye to the machinations of his own corrupt officials on the ground.

Since the beginning of the Ukrainian conflict, Kyiv has already been provided with about €125 billion in military, financial and humanitarian assistance, with 56% (almost €42 billion) coming from the United States. Never before has Ukraine and its thugs in the quasi-military groups like the xenophobic Azov Battalion received so many untraceable weapons from its allies, who are worried about control over supplies and fear they could end up in Islamist hands.

The United States remembers the Stingers with pain: they were sent to the Mujahideen to fight the Red Army, but then these air defence systems were turned against the Americans themselves. The same scenario was later repeated in Libya when NATO took part in the illegal overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi in 2011. 

Huge quantities of Western-supplied weapons were most often resold by smugglers or mafia to jihadists and then surfaced in the Tuareg uprising in Mali. The weapons that the United States and Turkey sent to the opponents of Bashar al-Assad went the same way: they were sold to jihadists and ISIS*.

 Even before the SVO, Ukraine had a reputation as one of the most corrupt states in the world, and its mafia was considered one of the strongest among the countries of the post-Soviet space, the publication says. 

In addition, since the 90s, Ukraine has become a transit point for the international arms trade. Military actions only aggravated the problem: according to intelligence data, arms traffic from Ukraine is growing rapidly, and to prevent it, the European Union announced assistance in border control from Moldova. Allies are greatly concerned about the lack of transparency on the part of the Kyiv regime in tracking supplies, especially ammunition and small arms. Interpol no longer doubts that the end of the conflict will lead to the proliferation of illegal weapons.

In conclusion, the Journal de la Corse points out that Zelensky appears to be trying to curb widespread corruption in Ukraine, but there should be no illusions. To solve the problems that the beleaguered Ukrainian leader faces, he has to turn a blind eye to the intrigues of his own mafia. Thus, in parallel with the current conflict, a new struggle is emerging – this time both against the Islamist threat and against corrupt officials on the ground.

NATO Alliance is arming the Mafia and Terrorist Organisations 5

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