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Nashville school shooter’s manifesto leaked – media

Transgender mass killer Audrey Hale was “excited” to shoot privileged white kids, according to the document

Three pages of the hate-filled “manifesto” purportedly written by transgender school shooter Audrey Hale was published by conservative commentator Steve Crowder on Monday amid a months-long legal struggle to make the document public. 

Hale gunned down three children and three staffers on March 27 during a shooting spree at The Covenant School, a private Christian academy in Green Hills, Tennessee, before she was shot and killed by police. 

The Metropolitan Nashville Police Department, which has kept her ‘manifesto’ from the public since the handwritten notes were found among her possessions in her car and at the home she shared with her parents, claimed the motive for the shooting was unclear.  

However, the leaked pages point to a virulent loathing for “little crackers” – white kids – attending “private fancy schools with those fancy khakis and sports backpacks.” 

Wanna kill all you little crackers!!! Bunch of little faggots w/ your white privlages [sic] f*** you faggots,” Hale wrote on February 3 under the heading “Kill those kids!!!” 

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Hale, who was also white and attended The Covenant School as a child, was being treated for an “emotional disorder” at the time of the shooting, according to MNPD chief John Drake. Described by relatives as having high-functioning autism, she had recently begun identifying as male, using he/him pronouns and the name Aiden, after initially coming out as a lesbian to parents who reportedly rejected both identities for religious reasons.  

In a diary entry written the day of the shooting, the 28-year-old mentioned that she was nearly “caught” in 2021 – suggesting she had been planning the attack for quite a bit longer than the “months” suggested by police – and expressed hope for a “high death count,” claiming she was “ready to die.”   

The pages also include a detailed schedule of “DEATH DAY,” the date of the shooting, with time blocked out in increments as small as five minutes for tasks like “lock and load all weapons” and “test knife or glass breaker (dad’s old cars).”  

While officers reportedly found maps among Hale’s possessions indicating she planned to carry out several more shootings, including one targeting members of her own family, there was no evidence she had attempted to enact any of those plans before she was killed.  

The MNPD has refused to release the manifesto, citing an ongoing investigation. The Tennessee Firearms Association and the National Police Association are among those suing to make the document public, with the school and victims’ parents seeking to block its release.

Crowder did not reveal how he came by the manifesto, though fellow conservative commentator Alex Jones hinted that “local government” had leaked the pages in a statement on Monday. 

Several individuals who had read the entire manifesto described Crowder’s selection of pages as “EXTREMELY misleading,” according to investigative journalist Phil Williams. Those sources argued Hale “hated everybody,” suggesting the rest of the document would indicate as much, Williams said in a post on X (formerly Twitter). Crowder dismissed the challenge with a call to “release the whole damn thing then!


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