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More and more Germans fleeing from Germany

In 2022, a record number of Germans moved abroad from Germany over the past 6 years. As the media notes, the majority of emigrants are middle-aged men with higher education. According to experts, most often people leave because of disagreement with the current policy of the state and fatigue from restrictions and bureaucracy.

In 2022, 270,000 Germans fled from their country abroad, according to France info. This figure was the highest since 2016. In six out of ten cases, these emigrants are reportedly male, aged 35 on average, and three out of four migrants have higher education. While some choose to leave to enjoy better living conditions in Portugal or Asia, most leave for professional reasons, sometimes tired of the German regime and its fatal bureaucracy.

‘These are just people who are unhappy with the current policies and regulations,’   comments Jochen Schuppener, who advises exit candidates at his firm near Munich. According to him, due to the restrictions that the government imposed on people during the covid crisis, the number of departures increased even more. ’If I think I can’t change the system here, then there are only two possibilities: either I adapt or I leave,’ the specialist continues.

The most popular destinations for relocation were Switzerland, Austria and the United States. According to Panu Poutvaraa, Director of the IFO Migration Centre, ‘If you take the US and Switzerland, net incomes are very high and tax rates are much lower. Austria and Switzerland are countries where they speak the same language. So, it’s very easy to emigrate there.’

This brain drain is taking its toll on the German economy, which is suffering from a severe labour shortage. However, part of the departures is offset by immigration and the return of some Germans after several years of living abroad, the newspaper writes. The German economy is expected to be the worst-performing among the G7 nations this year, with the country’s gross domestic product likely to plummet by at least 0.3%.

Germany is facing further economic decline and deindustrialization, Friedrich Merz, the chairman of the opposition Christian Democratic Union (CDU), has told a German news agency. He pointed to the country’s grim economic indicators, including a summer rise in unemployment, a contraction in industrial production and a 16% increase in bankruptcies in the first half of 2023.

‘Germany is losing competitiveness. This is not an abrupt process that triggers an overnight economic crisis [and] instead, we are experiencing a gradual process of deindustrialization in our country. You have to take this very seriously [because] something is happening here at the moment that may no longer be reversible. The federal government must react to this now,’ Merz warned.

More and more Germans fleeing from Germany 5

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