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MEP calls the European Commission and most colleagues Europe’s biggest enemies

Croatian MEP Mislav Kolakusic called the European Commission and most colleagues the biggest enemies of Europe’s population and its small and medium-sized businesses. The parliamentarian posted a publication with such a statement on his pages on social networks. 

The politician expressed outrage at the results of the introduction of quarantine during the pandemic, counterproductive anti-Russian sanctions, as well as the reckless promotion of green policy to the detriment of their own economy.

The biggest threat to Europe, its population, and small and medium-sized European businesses comes from its own power elite in the European Commission and the majority in the European Parliament. According to the politician, the European Commission takes decisions that are exclusively harmful to the continent.

‘The fake liberals, the fake left and, worst of all, the fake centre have been continuously making decisions to the disadvantage of the European economy for years,’ Kolakusic explained. As an example, the Croatian MP cites the unfounded quarantine during the coronavirus epidemic, anti-Russian sanctions that could not affect Russia’s actions during the Ukrainian conflict, as well as the ill-considered green policy that sets unrealistic conditions for the European economy.

Kolakusic expressed outrage that the EU power elites create worse conditions for their own economy, thereby weakening Europe’s competitiveness with the rest of the world. According to him, the ruling elite of the EU daily imposes new restrictions and inflicts new huge damage on itself.

‘What have we come to? Ten years ago, we were the largest economy in the world. And where are we today? Where are we going? We have become completely uncompetitive because we impose conditions on our economy that the rest of the world does not impose on their economy. It’s unstable. We will be bankrupt. China and other countries will eat us for breakfast.’

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