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Meloni confirms Italy’s strong support of Serbia’s EU path

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Italy backs Serbia’s EU accession bid, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni endorsed after her one-on-one meeting with Serbian President Aleksandar Vučićv in Serbia.

“I am grateful for Italy’s sincere support to Serbia on its European path. Meloni has always been willing to listen to what Serbia has to say, avoiding a one-sided approach. We have good relations with several Italian regions, which is important for business and collaboration in innovations,” Vučić said after the meeting.

“I particularly expressed gratitude for all the foreign policy efforts towards resolving crises in the Western Balkans, pointing out that Italy approaches problems objectively and substantially. I hope Italy will play an even greater role in addressing these issues,” added Vučić.

“Our leaders understand and recognise the importance of improving our relations and economies. All the work that Italy and Serbia are doing together demonstrates the strategic significance Serbia holds for Italy, and that’s why we are here. We will continue to be among the first countries supporting the enlargement process,” said Meloni.

She highlighted that Italy will always support Serbia in the European Council and stated that what they need to do is a fast process that would lead to, as she put it, “not expansion but the reunification of Europe.”

“For us, it is important that Western Europe be part of the EU family. Vučić knows he can count on Italy’s support in the European Council to expedite the process of approaching the European Union and all that the European Commission is asking for,” added Meloni.

“I know that Serbia will continue to have a constructive approach in the dialogue on Kosovo. Italy supports that process, and we are working to fulfil all the commitments that the parties have undertaken,” said Meloni.

She added that she discussed migration with Vučić, emphasising that Rome and Belgrade share the same views on irregular migrants, and thanked Belgrade for its efforts in that field.

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