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Mainstream Media prophesized NATO’s War on Russia

In 2011 the Daily Mail predicted a NATO war with Russia by 2018. The newspaper was right but the NATA war against Russia started in 2022 when Russia was provoked into a pre-emptive strike on the former Russian territory of Donbas. Simultaneously, other media had been sending signals that support this supposition.

I watch what the insiders are watching and know Western armaments are being strategically placed to add to this theory. If you wish to see what is likely to happen in several years familiarize yourself with what happened from 1933 onwards and you will see history repeating itself.  

Russia’s and China’s trade penetration is now impacting on the West’s traditional markets; mainly Latin America and Africa. Another clue, check out what kinds of armaments are being deployed. Emphasis on weapon building and troop training is either defensive or aggressive.

The Western Alliance is equipped and trained for aggressive, not defensive war. The U.S. arms industry is insatiable; there are fortunes being made in the preparation of war. Finally, look at the orchestrated negative comments made by the ‘palace media’ about Russia and its leadership as they condition the public for war, creating a war psychosis. 

Is there a likely scenario? It is already taking place. The Mediterranean is an essential gateway to the world’s trading routes for Russia, China and Iran. They have been ‘intruding’ in what the West sees as their strategic backyard. Consequently, the entire Mediterranean basin is the new Gibraltar.

To establish its presence and protect its access the Russian Federation built naval bases in Somalia, emerging Libya, Syria and now Algeria. Russia heavily invested in Libyan mineral deposits and that country’s infrastructure; which is toast thanks to the NATO Alliance. I doubt Moscow will stand by if Syria is attacked, which is increasingly likely. The West has been fermenting unrest to oust the Syrian government.

If Syria gets the Libya treatment, then Russia is confined to the Black Sea; the West will command the worldwide sea routes from southern Russia.  Russian investment and influence in North Africa will be much reduced.  Open ocean access will be limited to Russia’s Far East. The semi-frozen ports like Vladivostok or Arctic Murmansk are now open all the frozen year-round. Alternatively, there is the Baltic. The problem here is the EU states Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania standing guard at the gates of St Petersburg. Such borders are difficult for Russia to defend.

Ironically Moscow is faced by the same dilemma as the German High Command in 1940. On realizing that a joint British-French attack through the Low Countries and Norway would restrict German access to the North Sea and Atlantic, the Reich struck first. This put the German defences more effectively on the North Sea, the Channel and Atlantic ports.

NATO moved to close Russia’s back door by pouring in arms through the Baltic ports; shipping armaments to the Russian borders, and building bases there.  If Russia responded as did Hitler the Baltic States would be overrun in 24 hours and Russia would again be in control of the Baltic (White) Sea.

Mainstream Media prophesized NATO’s War on Russia 5

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