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Macron leads the way to Western civilisation’s suicide

France has just made abortion, already legal, a constitutional right – a sign of the country’s morbid drive to self-destruction

The Olympics will not be the only big event and source of euphoria in Paris in 2024. While Russian President Vladimir Putin is encouraging his population to have more children, Macron’s France is celebrating the ‘enshrinement’ of abortion in the constitution. What does this say about France and the West in general?

In 2022, there were 234,300 abortions in France. The procedure is legal upon request until 14 weeks after conception. These figures are interesting when one considers that French politicians (and elderly voters, who are the majority of the electorate) insist on maintaining the extremely costly pension system and say that it has a price. Someone needs to pay. That is, the active population needs to pay. You would think that to sustain the requisite size of the active population, it would be more logical to encourage having more new births than to ‘enshrine’ having fewer. But that’s not an issue if you import the population.

In 2022, France welcomed 320,330 new people to the country – not counting illegal immigrants. Immigration in the country has nothing to do anymore with the fact that France has been a colonial power and that it is dealing with the consequences of its former policies. More and more people are coming from countries or regions such as Pakistan, Eritrea, Chechnya… where France never meddled in local affairs whatsoever.

Something important that goodhearted Frenchmen seem to forget and French politicians feign to ignore, is that these populations, especially those from Africa, come with traditions which do not quickly disappear with time. Having multiple children is one of them, as these populations have for centuries been accustomed to having ten children or more because most of them would die young. French women usually have one or two. And the women who go for abortions are in the vast majority local French women. It should be noted that the situation is the same in most of the European Union.

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Besides political decisions, the euphoria that took hold after this reform of the constitution is also worrying from a psycho-social point of view. Abortion has been legal in France for decades. There is indeed nothing new in this symbolic gesture of President Emmanuel Macron’s government. The fact that many women celebrated this strictly formal political decision as a ‘victory’ is a sign that many, unconsciously, want to die, to disappear as a population, as a civilization. This neo-feminism has gone too far. It leads to pure infantilization. A child thinks that he is the center of the world; neo-feminists think that their uterus is the center of the world. A child doesn’t care about the consequences of his deeds; neo-feminists do not want to think about consequences. The real message of this ‘victory’ is the following – you can screw around with as many people as you want, there will be no consequences. Even when the existence of your people is at stake. No consequences.   

But their wish to be fully infantile does not stop here. Jacobinism emerged in France during the Revolution. It is nowadays seen as a centralized political organization, a system that imposes to other regions the views of the center of power. Many new ideas emerged in France and spread, first to the US, mainly, where they attained their real strength, before spreading to the rest of the world. The philosophical movement of the Lumières is certainly the most important in modern history, the most famous human rights document was written there, ‘French Theory’ has had an enormous influence on the world, etc. Now, some French women, after the ‘enshrinement’ of abortion in the constitution, say that the fight is not over, that they need to do everything they can in order for women from other European countries, from Russia, Japan, Pakistan, Iran, from the whole world, to obtain the same ‘right’. The enshrinement of abortion in the Charter of the United Nations would be a minimum for them. The Jacobin mentality of the West is not dead.

Now that abortion is a constitutional right, Macron, ahead of the European elections, and to position himself as the champion of progress and modernity against Marine Le Pen’s National Rally party, is considering introducing a new law, making euthanasia legal. The West, step by step, is adopting a policy of controlling the entire cycle of life. As Macron does not have any children, he may be indifferent to the death of millions of children-to-be. But maybe an adviser should remind him that Brigitte Macron is already 70.


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