MABS Concert Success


Pirates, mayhem and Big Fish reigned on stage for the Charity MABS Concert at the Teulada Ayuntamiento concert hall on the night of Friday 29th of June. The audience were royally entertained by The Costa Blanca Male Voice Choir with their guests The Big Fish Rock Choir. The CBMVC sang their hearts out with many of their favourite songs and some new, including the “Jolly Roger song”. This was performed with great gusto and much shouting of “Ye scurvy dogs” and waving of cutlasses. With an abundance of eye patches, scull and crossbones pirate hats and the occasional parrot, they did indeed look a motley crew. But instead of being made to walk the plank they were cheered and applauded by their splendid audience. The Big Fish Rock choir came into their own on the stage too, singing many great numbers. A small but beautifully formed choir with a big voice. President of the CBMVC Mike Evans and Musical Director Heather Butcher said the night was a complete sell-out success and would like to thank everyone that attended. The concert with the raffle raised the sum of 2435 Euros for the very worthy charity MABS . Jacqui Phillips, the President of the Charity said the evening was fantastic and the money raised would be put to very good use.

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