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LIVE NOW – Media Partnership – European Technology Leadership Under Threat

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Innovation is key to the digitalisation of our society. Open global technology standards, based on standard-essential patents (SEPs), are the foundation upon which companies continue to innovate and create new products and services. Without SEPs, for example, it would not be possible to make mobile phone calls, stream videos, provide up-to-date traffic information to connected cars or access remote healthcare and learning.

SEPs incentivise innovators to contribute their best technologies to open standards, so that economies and societies at large can benefit from open access to these technologies and globally interoperable solutions. Royalties obtained through licensing are reinvested by patent-holders, thereby creating a virtuous circle of R&D, patenting, licensing and re-investment into R&D and standards.

On 27th April, the European Commission proposed a new regulatory framework for SEPs which would radically alter many aspects of SEP licensing in Europe. Many stakeholders are concerned that the proposals will undermine an important incentive for European innovators to invest in research and development for 5G and 6G and, in turn, threaten Europe’s technological leadership in global standards.

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