La Nucia weekly craft fair to stop.

Well, we tried. Last February, Amata, the regional craft association, started a weekly craft fair, Sundays only, in La Nucia.  Every Sunday (apart from the hot summer months) between 10 and 15 people came to set up a stall, with wooden toys, glass, ceramics, leather – all made by the people at the stall.  Genuine craft work – nothing imported, nothing from a factory.  A sort of open air gallery.  So this week we stop – sorry about that.

People did come and have a look, but not enough to keep all those dedicated people going.  They don’t need to earn a lot, but enough to live on, pay for petrol and new material, buy groceries and pay the rent is essential.  Part of the problem is the crisis, what with so many people out of work, and part of it is that if quality is not all that important there are plenty of much cheaper goods to be found in all the pound shops along the coast.

However, if you were thinking of going to look for an original Christmas present in La Nucía: most of the craftsmen and women who turned up this last year in La Nucia (and many more!!) will be taking part in the Christmas Fayre, organised by Amata in the centre of Alicante (Plaza Gabriel Miró) from the 19th till the 23rd of December.  For further details, ring 639 979 678 (English spoken) or look at

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