Week ending 10 September 2011.





The Iberian Open competitions sponsored by CHURCH KITCHENS SL and GINESTAR have been taking place throughout the week and are now reaching the semi finals stages. The standard of play throughout the competition has been very high, with some remarkable surprises along the way. On Sunday it was the Men’s and Ladies Rinks. Probably against all odds, the Ladies Rinks team of Pat Pittaway, Maureen Barrie, Jane Lapthorn and Pauline Bishop won their game against a very strong team. Similarly, Ritva McAuliffe, Olive Lutz, Sheila Nicholson and Jill Nobbs were highly delighted with their win.

Meanwhile, Phil Woodhead, Dave Carvath Tony Crease and John Coates staged an exciting fight back on the 16th end in the Men’s rinks with a 6 shot to level the score, having dragged themselves up from what appeared to be an impossible score line earlier in the game. The win, however was not to be and they went down in the last 2 ends.

The Club are indebted to Bill Barrie, who dealt with the logistical nightmare of putting together the competition. With 130 games to organise in the first week and managing to keep everything running smoothly is testament to his organisational ability. Thanks Bill.


We are now back to our normal time of 10am start for Club Mornings.  


For greater detail of the above reports and for more information about our Club, see the excellent Javea Green website at http://javeagreenbowls.org or just come along and see what is so compelling about this great sport. Why not pay us a visit and enjoy a drink in the bar or even have an extremely well prepared and competitively priced lunch in great surroundings.









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