All the Javea Green teams were in action this week, with rather mixed results.

Onyx was at home against El Cid Scimitars and enjoyed a 10-0 victory, with overall shots 96-49 in our favour. The winning rinks were:

Mike Tebby, Phil Harding, Jill Nobbs 20-13

Olive Lutz, Dave Wood, Derick Lutz 24-17

Christine Reeves Clive Corbin, Dennis Reeves 21-11

Ritva McAuliffe, Brian Collins, Ken Ayling 31-8

The two Onyx Friendly teams were also victorious.

Quartz suffered a 9-1 defeat at the hands of BBC Lions. Gary Kent, Brian Rich and Bryan Payne managed a 22-22 score which saved the whitewash. Overall shots in this game were 72-83, which shows how close the scoring was between the two teams.

It was a similarly tough game for Opal playing Finca Guila. Simon and Beryl Tranter with Anne Moon for Opal not only salvaged 2 points with the only Opal win, but their 27-11 score gave Opal the long game and a further 2 points.

Another tough match for Javea in the Winter League, but on this occasion we came up short and lost 2-8. The only winning rink in the League match was Jo Morris, Barry Elms, John North and Skip, Nick Cole. Better news from the Berleen teams as they both recorded narrow victories and hopefully the 2 points gained will make up some ground on the leaders

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Dave Wood

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