Property Value in Spain Update

Inland Valencia Alicante - April 2013

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Side StoryAdvice from the Guardia Civil Spain

At the Presentation last Thursday by the Guardia Civil amongst covering a good number of Crime Prevention measures, the following points made by them are worth bearing in mind and making...


The average decrease in property price in March slowed to 10.7%, against the 11.6% drop recorded in February,With the decline in March, the cumulative adjustment now reached 36.3% from the maximum reached in December 2007, before the crisis, as reported on Tuesday by Real Estate Appraisals (Tinsa).

By area, the metropolitan areas experienced the sharpest drops in March, with an annual decrease in the value of their homes by 14.3%, followed by the capitals and major cities, with a decline of 13.7%, and the Mediterranean coast, whose decrease stood at 10.7%,

Below average stood Balearic and Canary Islands, with a decrease of 5.2%, and the rest of the municipalities, with a fall of 6.3%. The cumulative price cut since December 2007 reached 41.9% on the Mediterranean coast, 40.3% in the capitals and major cities, 39.5% in metropolitan areas, 29.6% in the other municipalities, and 29% in the Balearic and Canary Islands, according to data from Tinsa.