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Taxpayers can now, from 2 April until July 1, apply to the Inland Revenue tax data and drafting the tax declaration online, without waiting to receive it by mail. Treasury ensures that available to taxpayers over 20 million drafts and tax data. It should be emphasized that the term expires on June 26 if the result comes out to join (ie, paid) and the person wants to direct debit your account. Citizens who are interested can download the draft or request to receive tax data in the Internet páginda Must first obtain a reference number, which will have to enter the web your name, tax identification number (TIN), the result of Section 620 of the statement Car 2011 and a mobile phone number. The Tax Office sent after that phone-in just five minutes, according to sources, a text message with the above reference number, which gives access to the draft.

Treasury says it will begin paying refunds within 48 hours from the start of the campaign. That is, the early birds when present statement may be reflected as income on Thursday in their current accounts.

Those who do not resort to this route will receive the draft at home from May 6. Those who do not want to use and want to make your draft Internet statement using the program ‘Father’, will present from 24 April. And for those who choose to use the usual way (leaving statement in the tax offices or the offices of the tax administration of the regions or at your bank) the period also begins on May 6.

News of the Income Statement

The big news this year is that the Treasury has decided to substantially expand the number of people who can access the draft statement. The ministerial order published Tuesday in the Official State Gazette (BOE) emphasizes the inclusion within the group of taxpayers that can facilitate the administration a draft four new profiles.

Who receives the draft

1) The first is made ​​up of citizens who have received a basic income of emancipation or any other subvenció n, except those with consideration of earned income.

2) In the second group would be those who have suffered property losses by investment funds (previously could only receive it if profited subject to withholding).

3) The third group is that of the taxpayers who have to declare income from property income provided they are from a maximum of eight properties (previously the limit was two).

4) Finally, the draft will have access to obtain the return on investments and real estate through entities under an assignment of rents they have been attributed to members, heirs, community members or participants. A typical case of the latter group can be to a community of neighbors who rents a terrace to a phone company for the placement of an antenna and thus obtains a profit.

Deductions Game

Another new feature this year is to be compensated for gambling revenue obtained from the January 1, 2012 in casinos, bingo or slot machines with losses in the same period, no losses in any case exceed the profits. This rule does not apply to lottery prizes, Red Cross, or Euromillions ONCE.

These groups now join the groups that were already receiving the draft for years: taxpayers who have only earned income, investment income subject to withholding or Treasury bills.

Who is exempted from

The order of the Ministry of Finance points out that, in general, are exempt from filing:

a) taxpayers who have earned income in 2012 of less than $ 22,000 a year when they come from a single payer or if the proceeds of the remaining second and not exceed 1,500 euros.

b) those with an annual income of less than 11,200 euros from more than one payer, whenever received from the second and the remaining excess of 1,500 euros.

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