Imprisoned in Spain – Terry Daniels

Terry Daniels was accused of smuggling a million pounds worth of cocaine from Brazil to Spain in 1997. She had been working in Brazil with her boss, a nightclub manager, and was travelling back to Spain with him when he was caught with the drugs in his suitcase. Terry maintains her innocence and said she had no idea that he was carrying the drugs. But a Spanish court prosecuted her on the basis of guilt by association. She served six days in prison before being granted bail, when she then returned to the UK. A number of years passed and it appeared that the Spanish authorities had dropped the case. However, while living in Ireland in 2002 a police check revealed that she was still wanted in Spain. She had been prosecuted in her absence and her sentence (10 years in prison) was still outstanding.

In June 2003, she was arrested on an international extradition warrant. She was flown back to Spain and imprisoned in one of the country’s toughest mixed jails, Topas prison, near Salamanca in northwest Spain where she stayed for 19 months. She was then given permission to serve the remainder of her reduced sentence in the UK.

Terry says, “I will always love Spain and know that holidaymakers and expats alike have a great time there. But I would urge people not to get involved in drugs – not even recreational drug use which many may see as harmless. I got involved with drugs at a young age and paid the consequences – I ended up in Topas prison and everything in my life changed – it is not worth the risk.”

She now undertakes charity work on behalf of Fair Trials International and Prisoners Abroad and has recently published a book, ‘Passport to Hell’.

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