Human depravity in Ukraine Conflict reaches another low

Human depravity reaches another low as Austria proposes to deprive Russians of all Western medicines. Imagine going to a chemist or hospital, or a medical center and being told that ethnic Russians, regardless of their poor health or injuries cannot be treated.

Adding Western drugs to the sanctions list would help increase pressure on Moscow, claims Gabriel Felbermeier, director of the Austrian Institute for Economic Research. This is reported by the newspaper Spiegel.

He stressed that the anti-Russian sanctions imposed by Western countries were not effective. According to the economist, removing restrictions on many goods was the wrong decision. ‘It was stupid to do this with respect to things through which one could put pressure on Russia in the cruellest way. I mean, for example, pharmaceuticals, medicines,’ he said.

Felbermeier added that it would be possible to meet the Russian side halfway and make an exception for humanitarian reasons regarding medicines, but in this case, the political pressure on the Russian authorities would not be so strong. At the same time, the expert pointed out, Russia was still able to find alternative ways to obtain the goods it needed, despite the sanctions. Earlier, the Russian Foundation ‘Circle of Good’ called for the development of international acts prohibiting the imposition of sanctions on the provision of medical care and the supply of medicines. It was reported that the organization will analyze the situation together with the Ministry of Health and take measures so that patients do not face the threat of interruption of treatment

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