Huge Surge in Sales of British Memorabilia Among Expats

The Olympics, Wimbledon & The Royal Birth Have all Contributed to a Huge Surge in Sales of British Memorabilia Among Expats. In the last year sales of British memorabilia among the expat community has dramatically increased, according to British Corner Shop – an online supermarket for British expats. With all that has happened in the Royal and sporting world over the last 12 months, it’s becoming clear that British people are finally developing a sense of pride when it comes to their country.

Typically as a nation, Britons have never seemed quite as comfortable with showcasing their patriotism as much as those in countries like America.

However, the 2012 Olympics, The Royal Wedding, The Diamond Jubilee and Andy Murray’s Wimbledon triumph, have all had a significant impact on our traditionally self-deprecating nation.

It seems this new found surge of patriotism is particularly prominent among expats, with sales of Union Jack and Royal memorabilia dramatically increasing over the last year.

Mark Callaghan, Managing Director of British Corner Shop says: “Since last summer we have seen a much higher demand for British memorabilia, such as Union Jack key rings and Diamond Jubilee mugs and tea towels.”

British Corner Shop has a category on their site dedicated to British gifts, and within this they have a huge selection of products for every occasion including: teapots, plates, mugs, paperweights, puzzles, pens, bags and money boxes.

Mark goes on to say: “In general our biggest sellers are the red telephone box piggy banks, and the union jack mugs and pens; however we do see an increase in sales of bunting during events like the Wimbledon final.

“Also, with the birth of William and Kate’s baby we’re confident we’ll see an even bigger increase in sales of our royal memorabilia over the coming months, as the world begins to celebrate yet another special British event.

“We do have customers from the UK who buy these types of product, but it seems that perhaps people abroad have a greater desire to let people know they are British and proud of it.”

So the change in the way we feel about being British seems to not only have affected current inhabitants of Great Britain, but has also extended, if not more so, to those who live abroad.

Perhaps it takes leaving the UK to fully realize how much you love it.

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