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HELP – gratefully received.

A group of local freemasons from ‘Gran Logia Simbolica de Espana e Iberia’ visited the HELP centre in la Xara last week to present a cheque for €500. They were so pleased with the assistance given by HELP of Denia & Marina Alta to one of their members during his stay in hospital, and afterwards whilst convalescing, that they decided to support the charity and make a donation.

Pictured, Ian Hutchinson and members of the lodge presenting a cheque for €500 to Judith Goodall Vice President of HELP of Denia & Marina Alta. Ian Hutchinson praised the work done by the organisation saying “I think it is wonderful that so many people give their time to such a worthwhile cause”. In receiving the cheque, Vice President Judith Goodall mentioned that the organisation relies on charitable donations to cover the costs of all the services it provides and said “We couldn’t provide these services without the dedication of such willing volunteers”. Information about HELP of Denia & Marina Alta can be found on the website or by phoning 966 427 044.


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