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Greek extremist arrested after abducting refugees amid wildfires [Video]

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Greek police arrested a man after a shocking video published on social media showed him locking up refugees in a van and calling other residents to do the same, as he claimed they were responsible for the wildfires.

The video, which the man posted on his social media, showed a van in which 25 refugees and migrants were locked up in Alexandroupolis area in northern Greece, which has been facing wildfires for days.

The man said he “arrested” the refugees and migrants as he said they were responsible for the fires.

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— EFSYN (@EFSYNTAKTON) August 22, 2023

In what appears to be a delusion, he accused refugees and immigrants that they were “burning Greece” and called on others to get organised and emulate him.

The Greek police said in a statement that another two people were arrested as they allegedly helped the extremist “arrest” the refugees.

The video, deemed embarrassing for the country, triggered strong reactions on social media as comments under the post called on the man to “burn” the refugees and migrants.

The Movement United Against Racism and Fascist Threat NGO issued a statement urging the right-wing government to end its anti-migration rhetoric as it claimed it paves the way for such incidents.

“What happened is a crime in the hands of the government”, the NGO said.

In the last three days, Greece has been facing wildfires which have burnt over 400,000 acres of land.

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