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Denia Family Day Out

Go Local - Septemeber 2012

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'Family Day Out' for the children of Centro de Acogida de Menores, Las Rotas, Dénia

At 9.30 am on Wednesday 5th September the children from the care home, Las Rotas, Dénia set off on a family day out accompanied by 4 staff from the home and 5 members of the U3A Dénia. These children are now the 'adopted family' of the U3A Dénia as our ongoing 'good cause'.

Thanks to money raised by donations from members - both monitory and in goods donated for the recent charity sale at Gata Iron Art – we were able to take the children to their chosen choice of venue – Aqua Natura in Benidorm. Dénia Autobuses generously supplied a coach and driver at cost price only to transport the children.

On arrival at the park the children enjoyed a quick snack and drink provided by the chef at the home before setting off for the entrance to the park.

Having settled bags and towels etc. in a central location the children promptly stripped off shorts and t-shirts and set off to explore the facilities. The older ones braving the downpour from the large bucket water feature which upturned they then set off for the larger rides while the younger children were accompanied by members of staff while they splashed about under the water features. At 1.30pm we all enjoyed the sea lion show and then went to view the sea lions swimming around in their aquarium by viewing them in the underground facility. The younger children were absolutely mesmerised by these gigantic graceful creatures that seemed to sense the children's delight and continued to swim past the window where the children were standing.

After a picnic lunch two members of staff were brave enough to go on the large water feature - 'La Cresta', the only water attraction in the world that lets you experience the feeling of zero gravity – but judging by the screams and the look on their faces I think that was probably the first and last time they would 'enjoy' such an experience.

The day was thoroughly enjoyed by all and there was lots of singing on the coach during our return journey. A member of staff confirmed that the day was the first time some of the children had ever visited such a facility.

We hope that, with the continued support of our members, we will be in a position to treat the children to another such day in 2013.