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Go Local - July 2012

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The new EU rule will force up to 90% lower rates that telephone companies can charge their customers for using mobile internet abroad is effective today. Starting today July 1, the maximum price authorized by law to use mobile internet abroad will be 70 cents per megabyte, 

At present there is no regulated maximum price for the mobile Internet usage abroad. Many operators were charging more than 4 euros per megabyte in July 2009, and this price will be reduced by about six times, according to Brussels. "In 2014, when prices are cut further, the maximum cost of downloading data will be only 20 cents per megabyte, a 90% savings on many current rates," he assured the EU executive said in a statement.


from March 1, 2014 mobile users will have the right to buy roaming services separately by a different operator who are hired without having to change the number, in order to have access to cheaper contracts . The aim of both measures is to introduce more competition in the market in hopes of forcing price decreases.

Prices of calls and SMS

The rule also extends another three years for existing stops and retail prices of calls and text messages abroad, initially due to expire on June 30, 2012.

The maximum allowable price for mobile calls will drop by law ftom 35 cents to 29 cents today July 1, 2012, 24 cents in July 2013 and 19 cents in July 2014. Text messages will become cheaper  11 cents  to 9 cents from July 1, 2012, 8 cents in 2013 and 6 cents in 2014.

Overall, the EU standard 'roaming', taking into account calls, messages and data, will allow consumers to save 75% of the costs it had in 2007, according to Brussels. This year, Europeans spent 5,000 million euro in roaming services, a savings of 15,000 million compared with 2007 prices.